early voting

Why vote early?

Voting early gives you one less thing to do in your busy life and ensures that your vote counts if you have to take on another shift, care for yourself for a loved one, or if you just run out of time in the day. All voters can vote by mail for any reason.

3 simple steps

Voting early? It’s simple! Follow these three simple steps to vote early in the 2022 elections.


Make sure you’re registered to vote (click here).


Request an absentee ballot.


Mail in your ballot or drop it off at an approved ballot drop-off location by the primary on August 9. 

How to vote

You can vote early by mail or return your absentee ballot in person. Submit an absentee ballot by mail, email, fax or in person. Early voting across Minnesota is taking place now for the August 9 primary. The first date for early voting for the General Election in November is September 23.

Click here to get your absentee ballot and more information on how to vote early.


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